Ballot Statement Argument In Favor Of Measure U


We, the Friends of Garberville Fire Protection District Supporting Measure Committee, strongly support this community-based and locally controlled revenue source to support quality local fire and rescue services. The current Garberville Fire Protection District (GFPD) boundary does not cover many of the surrounding rural areas, yet these areas account for approximately 70 percent of the emergency call volume. The services to this “Good Will Response Area” are currently unfunded. Passing Measure U will allow the GFPD to bring this response area into the District boundary and ensure that emergency services are sustainably funded. With passage of this ballot measure our community’s firefighters will be able to respond faster and more effectively with better equipment, paid duty officer positions for fire station coverage during business hours, and three strategically located fire stations throughout the District. This revenue source will allow the District to improve volunteer recruitment and retention efforts and provide increased training opportunities. It will also address required expenses that are always increasing, like workers’ compensation, liability insurance, and equipment repairs. The GFPD will be able to improve its response to incidents that happen on Highway 101, including fires, accidents, medical emergencies and rescues. Homeowners insurance rates can/may be lowered by being located within a Fire Protection District with a better ISO rating. We recognize the need for all of us to contribute to sustainable ongoing funding. Voting YES on Measure U is how we can join together as citizens contributing to the future of the GFPD. A stronger Fire Protection District will make this a safer community.

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/s/ Shawn Masterson, Committee Chair
/s/ Craig Johnson, Committee Vice-Chair
/s/ Christina Huff, Committee Secretary
/s/ Rio Anderson, Committee Member
/s/ Ernie Bransconb, Committee Member
/s/ John Porter, Committee Member

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